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Vaginoz (bacterial vaginoz, gardnerellez, dysbacteriosis of sheath, anaerobic vaginoz, gardnerelleznyy it vaginit, unspecific it vaginit) - the infectious nevospalitel'nyy syndrome, connected with the quantitative and qualitative damage of sheathed medium and accompanying by isolations from the sexual ways and inflammatory changes in the sheath.
The dominant role in the development of vaginoza plays the sharp unbalance of vaginal microflora, in which laktobakterii are replaced by anaerobic microbes - gardnerellami - Gardnerella vaginalis.

Vaginoz is from 30 to 80% in the structure of the inflammatory diseases of sex organs in women and is revealed in fourth of clinically healthy women with the inspection for the purpose of preventive maintenance. Vaginoz is one of the reasons for the appearance of the heavy pathology of female sex organs and complications of pregnancy and is ancestral.

Vaginoz occupies one of the basic places among the diseases, which are transmitted through sex (ZPPP) and it suffer, according to the latest data, women at the age of 18-45 years. In the process of the metabolism of gardnerella (osh. of gardnerela) are formed the amino acids, from which under the effect of the anaerobes are formed flying amines. These amines are the reason for the unpleasant smell, which resembles the smell of rotten fish. Vaginozom more frequently suffer sexually active women.

Reasons for vaginoza

  • the infections, transferred through sex (khlamidioz, syphillis, gonorrhea, trikhomoniaz, dairy woman),
  • - the uncontrollable application of antibiotics, cytostatics, hormones and other drugs,
  • endocrine disorders,
  • the disturbance of menstrual function,
  • reduction in the immunity,
  • the chronic stress
  • the termination of pregnancy,
  • the penetrating diagnostic and therapeutic manipulations, the anatomical deformations
  • intrauterine contraception,
  • allergy,
  • disorderly sexual connections,

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